Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rowing Stats

These are my current best rows for the Concept 2 indoor rower 2007 season. The rankings are as of today and will definitely change (and I will, hopefully, clock some better rows between now and the end of May). If you're lucky enough to have a Concept 2 rower and the absolutely awesome RowPro software for it, you can download my ranking rows from the Concept 2 ranking lists. Great Fun!

Time StandingDate
2000M 07:30.1 613 of 1125 54% 1/7/2007
5000M19:15.2 439 of 1164 38% 1/8/2007
6000M23:41.5 168 of 345 49% 5/14/2006
7445M30:00.0 406 of 891 46% 1/3/2007
10000M41:52.3 561 of 872 64% 12/24/2006


steve said...

Pretty cool. I didn't know there was such a thing as ranking lists! They look like real good investments--almost a complete body workout without leaving your home. That's good you stick with it. So far I'm doing pretty well with hitting the 'ol gym. Usually when I get sich a few days my whole routine gets thrown out of wack unfortunately.

Einzige said...

The online community is definitely a motivator, as is being able to row against the saved rows of competitors, using the RowPro software.

There is also the ability to link to other rowers' rowing logs, if you know their ID number, so that you can see what their latest stats are. Solan and I have done that, but he hasn't logged any meters online, yet, unfortunately.

I've got another friend who purchased a C2 rower recently and he also seems averse to logging any meters online. I really can't understand why. I mean, if you're going to spend $800 for a nice machine, I'd hope that you'd want to get as much use out of it as possible.

Solan said...

What's best here: High or low %ages?

Solan said...

BTW: I'm not averse to logging. I just need to find time to unscrew the monitor and bring it into the living room to connect it to the computer and to the internet.

Too cheap to buy RowPro, but I'll get my stats up there eventually. Rough guide for best rows:

2000m: 07:09
10000m: 39:30

(just from memory; I'll get the real numbers up anytime real soon now. I promise!)

Einzige said...

You want to be in the lower percentiles on the Concept2 site.

Jack Williamson said...

Nothing is as painful as a Concept II rowing ergometer. NOTHING

Einzige said...

In looking at the ranking stats again it seems that with SOME views you want the lower percentile, while with others you want the HIGHER percentiles.

I'm confused!

dspirito said...

Have you looked into a WaterRower Rowing Machine? A friend of mine has a WaterRower Natural and I tried it and I must say I was impressed. The feel of the paddles in the water is great and it is even relaxing at times during my cooldown..

dspirito said...

I forgot to say also, that with WaterRower there is we-row, a free software that allows web racing with a 3d game that is pretty cool. Regardless of which rower you choose, what matters is that you get on it!!