Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pentecosts Know How to Party!

Thanks, Jim!


Jim Lippard said...

I found this quote in an Economist article from last year titled "Christianity reborn: A century after its birth Pentecostalism is redrawing the religious map of the world and undermining the notion that modernity is secular":

"A Pentecostal service is an unforgettable experience, part religious service, part spectacle, part rock 'n' roll rave. ... Harvey Cox, a professor at Harvard, points to two things that have put wind into the movement's sails. One is the fact that it reconnects people with primitive religion: it taps into a deep substratum of primal spirituality, filling the 'ecstasy deficit' left by cooler religions. The movement's emphasis on experience rather than doctrine gives it a remarkable ability to absorb other faiths, from spirit possession in the Caribbean to ancestor worship in Africa, from folk healing in Brazil to shamanism in Korea. As the Pentecostals say, 'the man with an experience is never at the mercy of the man with a doctrine.'"

Einzige said...

Very appropriate article.

Also, I managed to find a translation of the lyrics. Too bad we can't get a phonetic transcription of the Swedish.

I....started a fire for you
And now the whole forest is on fire

Now....I know what you are going to say
And it feels just like the first time

Come....let's show them that it's us two
But everyone already knows run away with me
Yeah can you hear them singing?


As if....everything was predetermined
As the earth revolving around the sun

Who....would have been able to take my place
He simply doesn't exist of something wonderful
I'm there to tell the story

Large....larger than I ever imagined
The inside of my head is spinning