Friday, January 06, 2006

"Time Fears the Pyramids"

The Arab proverb goes, "Man fears time, but time fears the Pyramids." It's true that the Pyramids of Egypt are the oldest existing human-built structures, but if I had to place my bets on humankind's truly lasting legacy, it would be this:

Barring some chance meteoric impact, the sand in the Pyramids of Giza will have spread to the four winds and been entirely lost to memory before the footprints of the Apollo astronauts even begin to appear differently than they do today.


Anonymous said...

i think youre misinformed

the moon landing was a hoax, man (in our current state, homo sapiens) was created by E.Ts

on the earth the pyramids are one of many ancient monolithic sites around the world,

i agree that maybe th epyramids are not the crowning acheivement here on earth, but the moon landing hoax DEFINATELY was not one of them

Einzige said...

For systematic and comprehensive debunkings of the idea that the moon landing was a hoax, visit Moon Base Clavius or the Bad Astronomy web site.

Unlike your controversial (and, as far as I'm concerned, idiotic and absurd) notion that humans were "created" by aliens, there's actually tons of convincing evidence that humans have been to the Moon.

Hey, you're at least being consistent: you believe in things for which there is very little evidence.

You might also be interested in a bridge I have for sale...

Oh, by the way, nowhere in my post was there any discussion of humanity's "crowning achievements." So you even missed the whole point! I'm having a hard time not resorting to ad hominem, here, but I guess I can rest assured that your comments stand by themselves as a testament to your intelligence.

Witkh13 said...

While I agree that the idea that the moon landing was a hoax has been thoroughly debunked by anyone who wishes to read and listen.

I disagree that the idea that humanity has aliens as ancestors is idiotic. There is next to zero evidence either way. While there is plenty of circumstantial evidence at least that aliens exist.

Absurdity is relative term. For instance, some may think it is absurd that I am commenting on a five year old post. Yet such is the way of the internet, nothing is erased.

I believe you failed in your attempt to avoid ab hominem. Though I agree it is certainly easy too.

Einzige said...

"zero evidence either way"?

Let's use Occam's razor, shall we?


1) Organic molecules, using the atomic building blocks, sunlight, and electrical activity already present on Earth self-organized and ultimately became life.


2) Somehow, pre-made molecules of life came here from the vast depths of space, seeding the planet.

I'm sorry, but Occam's razor clearly rules out option 2. Worse, option 2 only raises more questions than it answers.

Where is your circumstantial evidence for the existence of aliens?

BelgianWaffle said...

Hi Einzige !

I came across your excellent blog URL when Googling for the coined phrase "Time fears the pyramids".

I find your insight pretty impressive, but maybe it's because it correlates so much with my own outlook on various scientific topics here LOL

So, just a quick hello from Melbourne, I must drop in here again to check out the sign-up process.

Finally, on occasion I like to vent some humorous views I get all the time for the promotion of judgement (neo-cortex use :-) as opposed to Lizard brain behaviour. I specifically enjoy promoting cynicism to media, with a funny look at it (to encourage towards a more discerning consumer). I've been considering blogging this, but find it too overwhelming to set up a URL.... Could you possibly advise your opinion vis-a-vis other resources I might not know about ? Even occasional submit to your URL ?

All the best,

Mattius said...

moon landing wasn't a hoax.

Aliens almost deffinetly exist.

watch history channels "Ancient aliens" for 'evidence' of Aliens having actually visited earth (I'm not inclined to belive the documentry or not belive, but it's an interesting watch anyway).

the pyramids are not monoliths, they are build from several stones.

there are a fair few man made sites older than the pyramids that still stand, newgrange in Ireland for instance.

The great pyramid of Giza is the oldest and the only wonder of the ancient world (what was known to greece) that is still standing. :)