Tuesday, May 02, 2006


These charts aren't very much fun.

At times like these I wish I was being paid in gold.

Charts courtesy mises.org.


Solan said...

I've followed the precious metal orices, and they took a serious hike up, starting in August, and it seems it's just kept going. Silver has more than doubled, and gold and platinum have done fairly well, too.

It must be noted that there were few market signs before August - i.e. prices were fairly stable. What exactly happened to trigger the August-now bull run?

Solan said...

PS: These guys think thay have the answer - http://dailyreckoning.org/

Einzige said...

Who can say?

I read The Daily Reckoning on occasion, but they tend to be gold-buggy - which of course makes them seem smart now, but they've always been bearish and convinced that the economy is on the verge of tanking. The fear-mongering never stops with them. Just read any of the Agora Financial reports - for example, here - to see what I mean.

Solan said...

"Hey, I told you we were right: DOOM! Just like we've predicted for the last 50 years."

Something like that. But this time around they seemed to be a bit more spot on than usual. Maybe it's worth following both bears and bulls, and try out your gut feel on who seems most credible at the time.

Einzige said...

It seems that certain knowledge is denied us.

From Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, to Kant's Critique, to Gödel's Theorem, to Goodhart's Law, to the Efficient Markets Hypothesis... we are foiled at every turn.

It's enough to make one fully embrace irrationalism...

..or - Hey! - Egoism! :)

Solan said...

Those are the unknowables that we know we can't know. Can it be proven that there are unknowables that we can't even know that we can't know.

Einzige said...


I'm sure someone has tried.