Sunday, December 03, 2006

No More Static Beats???

Static Beats has terminated its webcast indefinitely. This is sad news, though not entirely unexpected, given that the webcast was free and the site itself didn't seem to have any real means of revenue generation.

The site's owner has sort of feebly suggested charging a monthly subscription, which I'd probably go for, but it's not clear if the webcast would still be free for everyone, whether you subscribe or not. That does seem to be what they are proposing, though, which may go a long way toward explaining why they've only had 4 volunteers so far. In economics this situation is known as the "free rider problem." If you can get something while having someone else pay for it then why pay for it yourself?

Another possible solution might be for Static Beats to charge artists for inclusion in the webcast. It is an effective advertising method for them. I would never have heard of Bluetech, MD, Modeselektor, Automat, etc., without the webcast, after all. On the other hand, this will result in the webcast's content being determined by commercial considerations instead of the tastes and whims of Shimone/Justes, effectively eliminating its appeal in the process. Not good.

Anyway, I hope it all gets worked out somehow. I'm lost without my static beats!


steve said...

Oh yeah, I was wondering what was up when I wan't picking anything up! It seems to coincide with the end of the mighty Merck label (january 2007 now), which much of their playlist was culled from. Speaking of, you might wanna pick p the merck data Disc coming out in a couple of days. I think it's a brilliant idea and I'll definitely be grabbing up a few myself (it's very cheap). Anyhow, I too hope something works out with that station. In the meantime, you should definitely check out a fairly new label called "Sending Orbs". Some great m=names, including some former merck acts are on there, not to mention some exquisite cover artwork.

Anonymous said...

I've always contended that, given the following propositions:

1. A single is usually a promo/advertisement for an album; and
2. Advertising on the radio is generally charged for by the radio station;

airplay should be fully paid for by the record companies/musicians who are flogging it.

However, this can cause the following problems:

1. Singles aren't always album promos - esp. in the case of electronic acts
2. Given supply and demand, the only acts who could afford to be played on the limited airtime available would be Mariah/Britney/Beyonce/Timberbrain et al.

I have no problem with payola. To do otherwise would be, for me, hypocritical. Sadly, I don't like very many commercial acts.

Why can't Static Beats run advertising like radio ads?

Good to see that you're back.