Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Sleeper Has Awakened


Obviously this blog has been dormant a while. My excuse is roughly equal parts of overworking, lack of time, and lack of things I want to say. Throw in an appreciable amount of laziness and you've got yourself a deadly combination.

However, I am back. I managed to leave my shitty job in Virginia and move back to Arizona with only one unfortunate $1000 stopover in Amarillo, TX, to replace my car's MAF sensor, fuel pump, and fuel filter.

Now I am once again gainfully employed - this time at a job that has no overtime and will actually allow me to take every other Friday off! As Borat would say, "Nice!" Plus, I'm living in a nice apartment, not a kitchenless basement "apartment."

Things are looking up. Look for more activity on Die Eigenheit in the near future. For now, it looks like I have several new(ish) comments to respond to.


steve said...

Congrats Abe. Sorry about your car though--I have been experiencing some problems myself.

I was a bit miffed at your sudden departure (wanted to at least send you off with a party) but I guess i shouldn't be and shouldn't take it personal. You've been a very busy guy. Here's to your new job and pad. Keep in touch and I'll look you up if I'm in the area.

Einzige said...

Steve, your disapproval is understandable and warranted. I sincerely apologize for the way I left.

I wasn't planning on leaving for at least another couple of months, but then one of the other testers gave notice, coincidentally for the same day that my original resignation was for (Oct. 27th)!

Given that her departure was only going to mean additional work for me--70 hour weeks instead of just 60--I tendered my resignation again. I was driving toward Phoenix less than 2 weeks later. In the interim, I had to pack everything and make all the other necessary preparations, all while still working full time.

Again I apologize. I'll have to make it a point to come out there for a visit again in a few months. I miss you - and I even miss Cheryl!