Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Burleyist?

Corner of Utterback Store Road and Leesburg PikeThese signs just went up a few days ago. They are all along my route to work, so I'm sure there are many more like them scattered all throughout the Great Falls/Reston area. The top one is on the corner of Utterback Store and Leesburg Pike. The one below is at Bowman Towne and Fountain, and the third one is at New Dominion and Towne Center.

Bowman Towne Dr and Bracknell DrIs the owner of these signs a Burleyist? Well, given that there are a finite number of ways to invest in and market real estate, but a seemingly endless number of "gurus" interested in selling you all their supposed "investing secrets," probably not. On the other hand... the corrugated plastic sign... the phrase "zero down"... doing it on the cheap... the recorded message... no mention of the home's price... all are indeed Burley techniques.

I haven't listened to the message(s), yet, but I bet it also doesn't mention an asking price - only how much to "get in" and how much per month.

Note that there are two different extensions mentioned. I initially thought that this meant the investor had two places for sale. However, I used one of these recorded message systems while I was a Realtor, and the way it worked was the first two numbers were the mailbox number, while the second two numbers were up to you. They're designed to be an indicator to you about which ads - if any - generate the best response.

I'll be watching the signs closely to gauge how long it takes the place(s) to sell.

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steve said...

Ha ha--where have I seen these signs before. Oh, maybe everywhere! Should be interesting.