Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Coin's Flip Side

Since Burley's homebuyer's web page is, I'm kicking myself for not thinking earlier that he'd also want to have for distressed home sellers, but there it is!

Now all we need is

Oh, check out this quote from the link above:

This dynamic man has helped thousands of families avoid foreclosure and financial ruin through his home purchasing program.
Gotta love it! If that's not incontrovertible evidence that John Burley is after a cult of personality then I don't know what is.

Let's take his dubious "thousands" claim at face value, for the moment. He, of course, fails to mention this corollary fact: He has "helped" many "thousands" more families into foreclosure and financial ruin by selling overpriced homes at exhorbitant interest rates to people with poor money-management skills, and then kicking them out when they can't pay.

Apologists would argue - amid cries of "Psychobabble!" - that it's not Burley's fault his buyers can't live up to their part of the purchase agreement. That is no doubt true. But if John Burley is genuinely interested in helping people "achieve a rich, full life, filled with prosperity and abundance," then how can he keep a clear conscience when he sells to an unsophisticated neophyte homebuyer with poor credit - someone he knows has a high likelihood of defaulting on the loan? Can he really have it both ways?

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