Monday, April 03, 2006

Lie Down and Be Counted

Yes, I know my camera takes pictures of terrible quality
Friday night I went with Steve and Chris to see The Orb.

Technically it was my third time seeing them, though, in actuality, I probably shouldn't count the first two. My first time was in Los Angeles in 1993 at The Shrine. At the time, sadly, I didn't grok the rave scene, so my girlfriend, Allison, and I found it annoying that people were literally lying down at the show.

The second time was in June of 1996. By that time I definitely did grok the rave scene. However, it was at the absolutely amazing Organic 96 show, in the mountains Northeast of L.A., where, among a ton of the best LA DJs, Orbital, MBM, Loop Guru, Underworld, and Chemical Brothers also appeared. The Orb didn't even go on until 6 in the morning! By that time I and my friends were totally spent. We heard the strains of The Blue Room wafting over us in the parking lot as we got in the car to go home.

I am hoping that Steve posts some higher quality photos of the show over at his blog!


steve said...

These are good shots, but I'll definitely post some tomorrow Abe. I'm glad you made it and it looked like you had fun. Geez, I even saw a cute chick checking you out bigtime at this show (again!). I've got mixed feelings about it and liked their show five years ago much more. Still, the dance aspect was fun and their new cd is GREAT! Again, I'll definitely throw some pics and a little review up tomorrow.

Einzige said...

I didn't notice any checking out going on. I guess the lady was being too discreet. Not that I was really all that interested, anyway. I was enjoying the dancing and the music too much - and it was way too loud to carry on any sort of conversation.

I look forward to the photos!